Daily News For February 21, 2006


Iraqi Province, Karbala, Suspends Contact With US Forces

Iraqi Minister Survives Bomb Attack On Convoy

An Islamic Court In India Has Issued A Fatwa, Or Religious Decree, Condemning To Death The 12 Artists Who Drew The Controversial Images Of The Prophet Mohammed

Saudi Paper ‘Shut’ After Publishing Danish Cartoons

Iran’s Foreign Minister Denied On Monday That Tehran Wanted To See Israel “Wiped Off The Map,” Acknowledges Holocaust

U.S. Ambassador Says Iran Meddling In Iraq

U.S. Envoy Warns Iraq To Unify Government

Arab League May Help Hamas


States Curbing Right To Seize Private Homes (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Democrats Try To Quash Troops’ Terror-War Ads. See Video Of Spot Rejected By TV Station Because It Criticizes Mainstream Media

Zogby: Bush Approval Rating 40%

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Bill Frist: Tax Cuts Make Money

George Will: An Election Breakwater?

La Shawn Barber: Two More For The Taboo Lexicon: ‘Americanization’ And ‘Legal’

Faces From The Front: On Paper, 8,000 Miles Away, Without Responsibility, The Opinions Are Easy


Austria: Holocaust Denier: 3-Year Jail Term

Former Stripper Buys Lap Dances So She Can Talk To The Strippers About God

Website Of The Day: Tammy Bruce

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