Daily News For February 22, 2006


Bush Shrugs Off Objections To Port Deal (Dumb)

Frist To Offer Bill Halting U.S. Port Deal

House Speaker, Dennis Hastert, Asks Moratorium On Dubai Port Deal

New Jersey To File Suit Against Sale Of Port Operations

Three Charged In Plan To Attack U.S. Military In Iraq

Bush Budget Targets Military Health Costs

South Dakota Lawmakers Set To Vote On A Bill Banning Nearly All Abortions (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Drives To Ban Gay Adoption Heat Up In 16 States

US Judge: Google Infringed Copyright By Posting Thumbnail Porn Photos (I Disagree With The Ruling)


Car Bomb In Iraq Kills 22, Injures 28

Blast Destroys Shi’ite Shrine In Iraq

You Missed Me – 4 Times. Al Qaeda No. 2 Boasts Of Escapes In New Vid

Poll: Youths Back N. Korea if Attacked

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Michael Coren: Irving Deserves Contempt, Not Jail

Glenn Reynolds: blogger Buzz Kill

The Financial Times: Paranoia About Dubai Ports Deal Is Needless

Terry Michael: Identity Politics as Therapy

Patrick Chisholm: Politicizing Intelligence?

David Frum: Pride And Progress In Iraq


Bikers Roll To Military Funerals To Oppose Anti-Gay Protests

Claim: Yahoo!Mail Bans The Use Of Allah As Part Of An Email Address

Website Of The Day: The Libby Legal Defense Trust

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