Daily News For February 27, 2006


Sunnis And Sadr’s Shiites Make Peace

Al-Qaeda Militants Seize Control Of Kabul Prison Wing In Afghanistan

Americans Hand Front-Line Security To New Iraqi Units

Eurolefties Fund Iraq Insurgency

Bolton Blasts ‘Sex And Corruption’ At U.N.

Iranian Advisor: We’ll Strike Dimona In Response To U.S. Attack (Of Course They’ll Try)

U.S. To Send Palestinians Humanitarian Aid


Bush, Rove Say Hillary Will Win Dem Primary — But Lose General Election

Most Get News From Broadcasters

Ga. Bill Aims To Get Illegals Out Of State (Applause)

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Edward N. Luttwak: Crippling Iran’s Nuclear Program Could Be Done In One Night

Mark Steyn And Hugh Discussing Competing Variants Of Craziness In The Middle East

William Kristol: The Long War

Fred Barnes: Losing Friends And Influence. President Bush Misjudges Immigration And The Ports Issue.

Mark Steyn: Needing To Wake Up, West Just Closes Its Eyes

Jeff Jacoby: Anatomy Of Summers’s Fall

Nancy De Wolf Smith: Daughter Of Islam. An Eloquent (And Elegant) Foe Of Muslim Fundamentalists


Actor Don Knotts Dies at Age 81

Scottish Paper Gets Report On Bush Bicycle Crash That Injured Constable

Doctors In England Have Won The Power To Withhold Life Support From Two-Year-Old Brain-Damaged Child Charlotte Wyatt–Against The Adamant Wishes Of Her Parents

Film Seminar On Iranian Tv: Tom And Jerry – A Jewish Conspiracy To Improve The Image Of Mice, Because Jews Were Termed “Dirty Mice” In Europe

Superstitious Indian Neighborhood Frightened Of 3 Headed Woman

Alert! Cartoon Posted On Bulletin Board!

Website Of The Day: Charlotte Wyatt…Don’t Give Up On Me

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