Daily News For February 7, 2006


Protests Over Muhammad Caricatures Continue; Four Killed In Afghanistan

Iranians Hurl Petrol Bombs At Austrian Embassy

Iran To Publish Holocaust Cartoons

Claim: Syria Behind Torching Of Danish Buildings? Lebanese Leader Accuses Damascus Of Using Undercover Soldiers In Cartoon-Protest Attacks

Cleric Calls On Mohammed Cartoonist To Be Executed

Dutch Politician: ‘Everyone Is Afraid To Criticize Islam’

Belgian Mayor Bans ‘Shocking’ Saddam Artwork In Part Out Of Fear Of Offending Muslims

Jerusalem Post Publishes Muhammad Cartoons

Mohammed Image Archive

One Of The Places Where Muhammad Has Been Memorialized Is Inside The U.S. Supreme Court On A North Wall Marble Frieze

Iran Tells Nuke Agency To Remove Cameras


Bush Slashes Domestic Programs, Boosts Defense

DHS To End ‘Catch And Release’ Of Illegal Aliens In October

The Gonzales Hearings On The NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program

Cheney Defends Warrantless Wiretaps At North Alabama Fundraiser

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


National Review: Dump Chafee

Tom Giovanetti: The “Scandal” Involving Conservative Writers Is About Politics, Not Ethics

Steve Muscatello: Monsters Of The Arab Street

Richard Beeston: Hawks Have Warplanes Ready If The Nuclear Diplomacy Fails


NFL Edits Out Explicit Stones Lyrics

All The Super Bowl Ads

The Blogosphere We Track Continues To Double About Every 5.5 Months. The Blogosphere Is Over 60 Times Bigger Than It Was Only 3 Years Ago

Humor: Heroic ‘Reproductive Rights’ Filmmaker Needs Your Support N.O.W.!

Website Of The Day: We Are Sorry

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