Daily News For February 9, 2006


Suicide Blast, Clashes in Pakistan Kill 22

Taliban Offer Gold Reward For Murder Of Dutch Cartoonists

Chirac Warns Media Over Cartoons

Rice: Iran, Syria Stoke Cartoon Anger

Bush Urges End To Violence Over Cartoons

Islamic Groups Call for End to Riots

Yahoo Accused In Jailing Of 2nd China Internet User


‘Pen Pals’ Mccain And Obama Call Truce

Web Sites Hawking Phone Records Shut Down

Capitol Tests Negative for Nerve Agent

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Ann Coulter: Calvin And Hobbes – And Muhammad

Amir Taheri: Islam Prohibits Neither Images Of Muhammad Nor Jokes About Religion

Debra Saunders: Another Government Taking

Thomas Sowell: Myths Of Rich And Poor

The WSJ: Abolish FISA

Victor Davis Hanson: Bad Taste And Freedom


First Grader Suspended for Harassment

San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Set To Debate Call For Impeachment Of Bush, Cheney

An Iranian Court Has Sentenced A Teenage Rape Victim To Death By Hanging After She Weepingly Confessed That She Had Unintentionally Killed A Man Who Had Tried To Rape Both Her And Her Niece

Website Of The Day: Big Lizards

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