Daily News For Jan 10, 2007


Democrats Vow To Resist Troop Escalation

Schwarzenegger Urges $43.3 Billion In New Calif. Debt

9/11 Bill Contains Little-Known Provisions

Democrats Decide No Minimum Wage Raise For American Samoa Workers Making $3.60 An Hour Because Of Democratic Campaign Contributions (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Democrats Attempt To Block Justice Department Access To Duke Cunningham Documents

Democrats Push ‘Net Neutrality

Warm December Pushes 2006 to Record Year For United States

Sharpton Considers Running for President (Free NYT Reg Req)

Jim Gilmore Moves Toward 2008 Run


1,000 Troops Strike Heart Of Baghdad. American And Iraqi Forces Battle Gunmen In A Daylong Fight (Free LA Times Reg Req)

U.S. Special Forces Engaged In Operations On The Ground In Somalia

France ‘No Longer A Catholic Country’


Mary Katharine Ham: Are No Lessons Being Learned in Durham?

Mark Steyn: Oriana Fallaci, She Said What She Thought

John Stossel: Sticking It To Low-Skilled Workers

Tony Blankley: Pelosian Honesty

Iraqi Veep Tariq al-Hashimi: Don’t Give Up On Iraq Yet

Mac Johnson: What’s Worse Than Open Borders?


Brit TV Show Imagines Blair On Trial For War Crimes

Barbara Walters Caught In Trump, Rosie Feud

San Francisco: Mother Who Threw Children Off Pier Acquitted Of Murder

Glenn Beck To Join ‘Good Morning America’

Website Of The Day: The Political Pitbull

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