Daily News For Jan 11, 2007


The Text Of Bush’s Speech On Iraq

Chavez Sworn In For Radical New Term In Venezuela

An Army Private Charged With The Slaughter Of An Iraqi Family Was Diagnosed As A Homicidal Threat By A Military Mental Health Team Three Months Before The Attack


Minimum Wage Measure Moves to Senate (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Kids Assaulted In San Francisco After Singing The Star Spangled Banner

Kids Kicked Off A Bus For Speaking English

Claim: Bush Will Veto Any Changes In Medicare Drug Bill

There Were 744,000 Homeless People In The United States In 2005, According To The First National Estimate In A Decade

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


David Henderson: Terminatorcare — Gov. Schwarzenegger Writes A Prescription For Disaster

Dick Morris: Taking Day Off For Football Costs Dems Credibility

Jonah Goldberg: Dull-Witted But Well-Meaning Bureaucrats Slap Down The Paving Stones Of Good Intentions On The Road To Hell

Duncan Hunter: Rotate Iraqi Troops Through Baghdad

Evans-Novak Political Report For The Week of January 10, 2007

Ann Coulter: Stripper Lied … White Boys Fried


‘Image Spam’ Could Bring The Internet To A Standstill

Scientist James D. Watson, Co-Discoverer Of The Structure Of DNA And A Nobel Prize Winner: Anti-Semitism Justified (Geeze)

Barbara Walters Calls Trump `Poor, Pathetic Man’

NY Firefighters Say U.S. Flags Removed From Lockers

The Worst Night In A Chinese Restaurant Ever

Website Of The Day: Peter C. Glover’s Wires

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