Daily News For Jan 12, 2007


US Forces Storm Iranian Consulate In Iraq (Applause)

Al-Maliki Gives Mahdi Army Blunt Choice: Disarm Or Face American Onslaught

Leader Of The 130 Member Shia Block: Strike Insurgents With ‘Iron Fist’

Bush’s New Iraq Strategy ‘Makes Sense’: British PM Blair

The Iraqi Army: A Year Of Progress

Somalia Strike ‘Missed Al-Qaeda Targets’

Emergency Declared In Bangladesh. Election Is Canceled Amid Violence. The Interim Leader Of The Government Steps Down (Free LA Times Reg Req)


Accuser Changes Story Again In Lacrosse Case

14 Carter Center Advisers Resign In Protest Over Former President’s Book

Sen. Tim Johnson Starting To Say Words

George Bush Cries During A Ceremony In Honor Of Medal Of Honor Winner Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham

The Dems Pick Denver For Their 2008 Convention

North Carolina 2008 Poll: Dems — John Edwards 29%, Hillary Clinton 16%, Barrack Obama 15% — Reps — Rudy Giuliani 30%, Newt Gingrich 29%, John McCain 22%, Mitt Romney 6%.

Hillary’s Status As Front-Runner Slipping In Key States


Ralph Peters: President’s New Iraq Plan Deserves Support

The WSJ: Democrats Criticize Bush Without Taking Any Responsibility

Victor Davis Hanson: Global Schizophrenia

An Audio Interview With Duncan Hunter At Human Events

Duncan Hunter: Rotate Iraqi Troops Through Baghdad


Dead Birds Rain Down On Towns Half A World Apart

Moment 600 Years Ago That Terror Came To Mummies Of The Amazon (W/Freaky Pics)

A Suspect In The Gruesome Murders Of 17 People, Mostly Children, Near The Indian Capital Has Told Investigators He Had Sex With The Dead Bodies And Ate Their Organs

Website Of The Day: Don Singleton

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