Daily News For Jan 16, 2007


Secret Understandings Reached Between Representatives Of Israel, Syria

Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, The Top Commander Of U.S. Ground Forces In Iraq, Says The Current Surge Of 21,500 Troops Is Not “Open-Ended” And Warned That “Time Is Running Out” For The United States To Turn Things Around In Iraq.

Castro Reportedly In Grave Condition

The Execution Of Saddam Hussein’s Half Brother Ended With The Hangman’s Noose Decapitating Him After He Dropped Through The Gallows Trapdoor (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Military Gear Bound For Iran, China Traced To Pentagon Surplus Sales


Vice President Cheney: `You Can’t Run A War By Committee’

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Bush’s New Iraq Strategy Fails To Rally Public Support

Choice Of Mel Martinez For RNC Head Sparks GOP Rebellion (Applause)

The Much-Anticipated Trial Of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby Begins Tomorrow In Washington

51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Maricopa County, Arizona GOP Straw Poll Results — Duncan Hunter Takes First Place, Romney 2nd, Gingrich 3rd, and McCain 4th

Hunter Pressing To Chop Long Odds Of Presidential Run

Al Gore: I’m Not Running For President

Brownback Adds Flat Tax To Platform

Democrats To Probe Legality Of Data Requests


Jeff Jacoby: Mitt Be Nimble

Greg Reeson: Iraq Death Watch: When Did We Become Casualty Averse?

George Diaz: Bill O’Reilly Is Right About Cindy Sheehan

David Limbaugh: The Left’s Tiresome “Chicken-Hawk” Mantra

David B. Rivkin Jr. And Lee A. Casey: What Congress Can (And Can’t) Do On Iraq (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Wesley Pruden: Does Anyone Here Want To Survive?


New On The Internet: A Community Of People Who Believe The Government Is Beaming Voices Into Their Minds (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Newsreader Exposes Affair On Live TV

A Man Told Investigators He Set Fire To His Mother’s House Because She Told Him To Get A Job If He Wanted To Stay There

Website Of The Day: Fark Politics

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