Daily News For Jan 17, 2006


The Palestinian Authority Security Forces Have Foiled An Attempt By Hamas To Assassinate Senior PA Leaders In The Gaza Strip, Including PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

British Navy Ships Move To Counter Iran

Pakistan Strikes Al Qaeda’s Winter Hideout

Philippines Says Abu Sayyaf Leader Killed In Clash

Deadly Day In Iraq Leaves 109 Dead

Claim By UN: 34,452 Iraq Civilians Said Killed In ’06


The Liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals In San Francisco Vacates Sentence Of ‘Millennium Bomber,’ Who Was Arrested Near The U.S.-Canadian Border And Convicted Of Plotting To Bomb Los Angeles International Airport

White House Denies Climate Change U-Turn

Rangel’s Push For Draft Gets Little Support

Sen. Wayne Allard Said Today He Will Honor His Term-Limits Pledge And Leave At The End Of 2008

Obama Takes 1st Step In Presidential Bid

Ex-Okla. Gov. Frank Keating Nixes 2008 Bid

Dick Morris: The Top Four Republican Candidates For The Republican Nomination Can’t Win The Nomination

Michigan: Adultery Could Mean Life, Court Finds

Oil Prices Plunged Nearly 4 Percent To Below $51 A Barrel

Cold Snap Destroys Most Calif. Citrus

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Thomas Sowell: Another Vietnam?

Dawn Eden: Casual Sex Is A Con — Women Just Aren’t Like Men

Walter Williams: Trade Deficits — Good or Bad?

Dennis Prager: Thoughts On My Vacation

Rich Lowry: The Big Drug Scam. Those Anti-Progress Dems


Amsterdam To Get Statue To World’s Prostitutes

Police: Woman Hung From Tree, Tortured And Raped For Bondage-Porn Video

Police Unsurprised By 7th Honor Killing In Ramle Family

Website Of The Day: Stop Martinez

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