Daily News For Jan 5, 2006


Democrats Take Control of Congress

A U.S. Border Patrol Entry Identification Team Site Was Overrun Wednesday Night Along Arizona’s Border With Mexico

Miers Resigns As White House Counsel

Bush Looking At Global Warming Ideas

Supreme Court Will Hear Cases On Union Political Activities

Giuliani Blames Crist Aide for Leaked Docs

Buddhist Congresswoman Sworn In With No Book, Calls For Tolerance

Gallup Poll: 56% Of Americans Believe That The News Media’s Coverage Of The Situation In Iraq Is Generally Inaccurate

Vanity Fair Does A Long Piece On Ultra-Weasel, John McCain. Read It And Weep When You Think That This Guy Is A Front Runner For The Presidency


Supreme Iranian Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Reported Dead (Hooray!)

North Korea Prepping Nuclear Weapons Test

Mullah Omar Says Hasn’t Seen Bin Laden Since 2001 (Uh, Reuters Has An Email Address For Mullah Omar?)

Iraqi Govt. Now Says Capt. Jamil Hussein Is Real And Threatens To Arrest Him For Talking To The Media

A Sydney Australia Building Was To Be The Target Of A Rocket Attack After A Man Allegedly Supplied Rocket Launchers Stolen From The Military To A Suspected Terrorist

Disappearance Of Indonesian Jet Baffling

Bush Plans Changes In Key Advisers For Iraq Fresh Start


.Donald J. Boudreaux: America’s Trade Deficit Is Evidence Of Its Economic Vigor And Promise, Not A Cause For Concern

Bill Steigerwald: The Quotes Of 2006

Mary Katharine Ham: Deficit Spending: Trendy and Misguided, Just Like Leggings!

Steven Stalinsky: Middle East Conspiracy Theories


Libya To Build Statue Of Saddam

Ex-Fox News Publicist Reported To Be Source Of Vicious Rumors About Brit Hume

John Elway To Run For Senate In Denver?

Website Of The Day: Keith Burgess-Jackson

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