Daily News For January 11, 2005


Syria ‘Tried To Fuel Holy War In Iraq Against US And Britain’

Bush Says Some War Critics Irresponsible

Claim: Israel Accelerates Iran Strike Plan. It Could Come As Early As March

Iran To Hang Teenage Girl Attacked By Rapists

Israel Rejects Pat Robertson Funding (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)


Judge Alito Proves a Powerful Match for Senate Questioners (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Orrin Hatch Thinks Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Will Retire Within A Year Or So

The Leaker To The New York Times Had His Security Clearance Revoked By The NSA In May Of Last Year Based On What It Called Psychological Concerns. He Was Later Dismissed. (He Should Spend The Next 20 Years In Prison)

Andrea Yates: Murder Your Children, Get A Plea Deal

The Second Of Two Men Accused Of Throwing Cream Pies At Nationally Syndicated Columnist Ann Coulter Pleaded Guilty To Misdemeanor Assault

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John Fund: The Abramoff Scandal May Sink Congressional Republicans If They Don’t Get Serious About Spending Reforms

Larry Kudlow: Alito Looking Good

John Stossel: Public Schools Are Cheating The Children

The Wall Street Journal: Unserious Consequences. What Iran Thinks Of European Diplomacy

Abramoff Democrats


Poll: 57 Percent Of Americans Can’t Name Any Current U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Cindy Sheehan Wins The 2005 Idiotarian Of The Year Award

Libraries Have Books Bound In Human Skin

Flaming Mouse Story Found To Be False

Website Of The Day: The Mark Levin Blog

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