Daily News For January 13, 2005


Democratic Congressman William J. Jefferson Implicated In African Bribery Scandal

Ex-Official Warned Against Testifying On NSA Programs

Alito Appears Headed For Confirmation

Lefties Continue The Assault On Alito’s Wife

Federal Spending Hits Record High. Government Blows $230.9 Billion In December, Collects Even More

Santorum Says Liberals, Media Are Undermining War Support

Pope Condemns Abortion, Gay Unions


At Least 345 Pilgrims Killed In Saudi Haj Crush

Europeans Say Iran Talks Reach ‘Dead End’

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


RedState’s View: John Shadegg for Majority Leader

No Oil For Pacifists: How Much Body Armor Do The Troops Need? It Isn’t A Simple Question

Pat Buchanan: Demographic Crisis Of The GOP

Brian Anderson: The Plot To Shush Rush And O’Reilly

Lorie Byrd: Bush Continues To Push


Beam Weapons Almost Ready For Battle
Directed Energy Could Revolutionize Warfare

Mich. Man Jailed After Handshake Sickens 3

Black Sergeant Mistaken For ‘Loyal Klansman’

This Poor Guy Must Have The Single Worst Job In Britain Although The Pay Is Pretty Good

Humor: Gore — Save Earth, Chop Methane-Making Trees

Website Of The Day: Debate News

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