Daily News For January 16, 2005


Bush: Iran Intends to Nuke Israel

Iran ‘Could Go Nuclear Within Three Years’

US Senators Say Military Strike On Iran Must Be Option

Iran Issues Stark Warning On Oil Price

Saudis Warn Iran That Its Nuclear Plan Risks Disaster

Americans Save British Hostage No One Knew Was Missing

A Dinner Invitation To Al Qaeda’s Second-In-Command Triggered A U.S. Airstrike In Pakistan But Ayman Al-Zawahri Failed To Show Up

Doctors Perform Tracheotomy On Sharon Who Is Still In Corner

‘Divine Mission’ Driving Iran’s New Leader

U.S.-North Korea Ties All But Severed

George Galloway Pretends To Be A Cat Licking Milk From The Hands Of An Actress On TV (Lol)

Video Of Galloway Making A Fool Of Himself


In Shadegg’s Race, A Nod To The ’94 Revolution (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Rep. Ney To Temporarily Cede Panel Chair

Capsule Carrying Comet Dust Lands in Utah

More Affiliates Drop ‘Book Of Daniel’ — ‘Anti-Christian’ Show Down To Just 1 National Advertiser

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Multilateral Moment In Iran

Andrew Exum: All Dressed Up With No Way To Fight (Free New York Reg Req)

Dr. Helen: The Jails Are Just Today’s Asylums

William Kristol: And Now Iran. We Can’t Rule Out The Use Of Military Force

Mark Steyn: Ham-Handed Dems Didn’t Lay A Glove On Alito


87 Year Old Grandmother Gets Recruitment Letter And Rushes To Apply

Police Face Sack For Jibe Over ‘Pondlife’

Clooney: I Ruined Kerry’s Presidential Race

Website Of The Day: Rightblogger

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