Daily News For January 18, 2006


AG: No Special Counsel For ‘Spygate’

White House Accuses Gore of Hypocrisy

White House Calls Clinton’s Attack “Out Of Bounds”

Nagin Apologizes For ‘Chocolate’ Remarks. Vowed New Orleans Would Remain African-American Majority

Ted Kennedy To Quit Club That Bans Women

Ben Nelson Of Nebraska On Tuesday Became The First Senate Democrat To Announce His Support Of Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito

FCC Probes Selling Of Cell Phone Records

Tom Daschle Considers Bid For President (Snicker)

CNN’s Headline News Has Signed Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck For An Hourlong Talkshow


Alleged Plot To Kidnap Tony Blair’s Son

Colin Powell Yesterday Warned That Iran Was Heading Down The Same Path As Iraq Had Done Before The 2003 Invasion

US Refuses New Talks With Iran

Pakistan: 4 Or 5 Terrorists Died In Strike

Iraqi Captors Threaten Death Of Hostage Journalis

3.5 Million Kenyans Face Starvation As Grain Surplus Sold Abroad

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Jeff Jacoby: Mass Exodus

Walter Williams: Attacking Lobbyists Wrong Battle

John Shadegg: The Spirit Of 1994. Republicans Need To Look Again To The Examples Of Goldwater And Reagan

Charles Krauthammer: The Iran Charade, Part II


Bad News At Captain’s Quarters

Audio: Laura Ingraham On The Many Faces Of Al Gore

Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for Charity

Website Of The Day: Random Thoughts Of Yet Another Military Member

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