Daily News For January 19, 2006


Explosive Devices Found On Bus
Cameras No Help, They Didn’t Work

Bill Clinton Can Re-Apply For His Lawyer License. 5-Year Arkansas Suspension Related To Lewinsky Scandal Ends Thursday

A Special Prosecutor’s Long-Delayed Report Charges That A Coverup At Senior Levels Of The Clinton Administration Killed A Tax Fraud Case Against Ex-Cabinet Member Henry Cisneros

Obama Backs Clinton’s Claim That House Of Representatives Is A Plantation (Free WAPO Reg Req)

More Belafonte: Bush Has ‘Driven Fear And Terror Into The Hearts Of The American People’

Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown now takes blame for Katrina failures

Democrats Unveil Their Own Plan for Rules on Lobbying (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Boston Court OK’s Pulling Plug On Comatose 11-Year-Old

Judge: No Prison Time For ‘Gay’ Rapist Teacher. On Heels Of Vermont Outrage, Predator Gets Only Probation


U.S., France Reject Iran Request For Talk

Abu Khabab Al-Masri Killed In Pakistan Strike. Al-Masri Was Al-Qaeda Chief Bomb Maker And Head Of Its WMD program

IAEA To Hold Emergency Iran Meeting On Feb 2

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Ted K’s Secret Love Child A Secret No More

Ann Coulter: ‘Chocolate City’ Sprinkled With Nuts

Tony Blankley: Open Borders, Closed Minds

Larry SabatoL The Presidential Prizefight ’08

Larry Sabato: The Presidential Prizefight ’08 Part 2


The 50 Most Influential Christians In America

Human Numbers Through Time

MSM Lies Of 2005

Humor: Sean Penn Demands To Know What *sshole Took SeanPe[email protected] gmail.com

Website Of The Day: The Truth Laid Bear

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