Daily News For January 23, 2006


Israeli Hints at Preparation to Stop Iran

Joe Lieberman: U.S. Prepared For Iran Strike

Claim: The American Administration Has Promised Israel That The United States Will Not Recognize Any Palestinian Government In Which Hamas Participate

Claim: 6 Iraqi Militant Groups Announced That They Will Unite Their Forces And Join The Rest Of Resident Of Anbar And Salahiddin In Fighting Al-Qeda

Radical Iraqi Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Said Sunday That His Mahdi Army Would Help To Defend Iran If It Is Attacked By A Foreign Nation (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Conservative Win In Canada Could Help Repair Ties To U.S. (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Michael Moore Upset That Conservatives Are About To Win In Canada. Sends Annoying Message To Canadians


Rasmussen Poll: Just 15% Of Americans Believe Abramoff Did Anything Different Than What Lobbyists Typically Do. Forty-Seven Percent (47%) Say Abramoff’s Actions Were The Norm While 38% Are Not Sure

5 Pics Of Bush With Abramoff At What Appear To Be Presidential Receptions. Over Five Years, Bush Has Posed For Tens Of Thousands Of Such Shots–Many With People He Does Not Know

Group Descending On Justice Souter’s N.H. Hometown In Eminent Domain Protest

US Army Prepares To Test Gun That Fires 240,000 Rounds Per Minute

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Kay S. Hymowitz: Marriage and Caste

John Fund: How To Cure Pork And How Big Government Produced The Abramoff Scandal.

Mark Steyn: Standing Small Against Iran Won’t Work

Karl Rove: The GOP Remains The Party Of Ideas


“Friends” Returns To TV

Syrians Oppose U.S. But Love KFC

Harry Belafonte, One Of The Bush Administration’s Harshest Critics, Compared The Homeland Security Department To The Nazi Gestapo

Video: Saturday Night Live Mocks Ray Nagin, Jesse Jackson, And Hillary Clinton

Website Of The Day: Victor Davis Hanson’s Private Papers

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