Daily News For January 25, 2006


US Iraq Force At 136,000, Lowest Since Last Summer

Palestinians Begin Voting; Security Tight

Canada’s Conservatives Back After Decade In Cold

Iraqi Insurgents Unite Against Al-Qa’ida

Men In Apparent Mexican Army Uniforms Confront Texas Lawmen

Cubans Protest U.S. Ticker Flashing Anti-Castro Messages (Applause)

Cindy Sheehan On Venezuela’s Anti-American President Hugo Chavez: “I Admire Him For His Resolve Against My Government And Its Meddling.”


Alito Clears The Senate Judiciary Committee On A Party Line Vote

Alito Has Enough Support for Confirmation

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Has $25 Million In The Bank And Raised $44 Million In 2005. The National Republican Senatorial Committee Has $10.5 Million In The Bank After Raising $35.5 Million Last Year

Insight Mag.: Bush Impeachment Probe Possible

2005 Was Warmest Year On Record: NASA

Ted K. Camp Denies ‘Love Child’s’ E-Mail Confession

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Jane Galt: Healthcare Savings Accounts

Mark Steyn: The Celtic Canary In The UK’s Coal Mine

Dick Meyer: Dems In ’06 Need To Face The Facts

Jeff Jacoby: Don’t Go Wobbly On Iran


The World’s 10 Worst Dictators

NBC Cancels “The Book of Daniel”

Kayne West Poses As Jesus for Rolling Stone. Admits Porn Addiction

Website Of The Day: Newsbump

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