Daily News For January 26, 2006


Palestinian Government Resigns In Wake Of Hamas Win. Hamas Appears To Have Won Elections

Iran: We’ll Put Israel In ‘Eternal Coma’ (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

A Texas Border Sheriff Yesterday Demanded That The U.S. And Mexican Governments Investigate Incursions Into The United States By Heavily Armed Drug Escorts Dressed In Mexican Military Uniforms “Before Someone Gets Killed.”

A Mexican Government Agency Is To Issue Some 70,000 Maps Marking Main Roads And Water Tanks For People Wanting To Cross Illegally Into The US (Outrageous)

Rumsfeld Says Military Not Overextended


Bush, Visiting NSA, Defends Surveillance

A Last-Minute Decision By The U.S. Supreme Court To Stop The Execution Of A Florida Inmate Could Temporarily Halt Lethal Injections Throughout The Country Until April (Ludicrous)

Shadegg Wins Key Backing To Succeed DeLay

Democrats In MD. Try To Limit Fallout Of Gay Union Case (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Utah’s Republican Senators Trying To Pass Legislation That Would Allow Legislators To Pick Senate Candidates, As Long As The Political Parties Agreed (Dumb And Arrogant)

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Ann Coulter: Abortion Stops A Bleeding Heart

Debbie Schlussel: George Costanza, Brad Pitt Team W/ Islamic Terrorist

Larry Elder: Iran — A Ticking Nuclear Bomb

Josh Gerstein: Democrats Are Worrying Over Clinton In 2008

James Lileks: Simple Rules For Making A Fool Of Yourself On The Internet

Victor Davis Hanson: Deconstructing Bin Laden


Walter Perry Johnson Award: Blogs Most Deserving Of Wider Recognition

As Reynolds Explains Decision Not To Host Comments, Reuters* Provides Case In Point

25 Ways To Ignore Joel Stein And Support Our Troops

Fairies Stop Developers’ Bulldozers In Their Tracks

Website Of The Day: Villainous Company

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