Daily News For January 3, 2006


‘Palestinians Agree’:Wipe Israel Off Map. Arab Leader Claims There’s Consensus Iran’s President Correct With Solution

The Number Of Israelis Killed By Terror Attacks During 2005 Fell By More Than 60 Percent

U.S. Has End in Sight on Iraq Rebuilding (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Russia Vows To End Gas Shortage

Australia Refuses To Raise Its Own Flag At A Sydney Because Of Fears It Will Raise Tensions With Muslims?


Dozens Of Democrats And Republicans Send Back Lobbyist’s Donations. Lawmakers Fear Link To Abramoff

Ted Kennedy Touted Anti-Bush Spy Hoax

US Rep. Murtha Says He Wouldn’t Join Military Now

Bill Bennett To Replace Robert Novak On CNN

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Dustin Hawkins: Liberal Loonies – 2005 Edition

Rich Lowry: The Most Underappreciated Story Of The Year

Roger Kimball: After The Suicide Of The West

Bret Stephens: What’s Wrong With Steven Spielberg’s New Movie, “Munich”

Victor Davis Hanson: America’s Porous Border Enables Mexico’s Misrule

The Economist: Gaza Slides Closer To Chaos


Black Entertainment Television Network’s ‘Person Of The Year’: Louis Farrakhan????

The Best Blog Posts For 2006

2005 In Review: The War On Blogs

The JunkYardBlog’s Top Ten Blogs Of 2005

India: A Man Beheaded His Teenage Sister For Marrying Outside Her Caste

Website Of The Day: Tapscott’s Copy Desk

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