Daily News For January 30, 2006


Churches Targeted In Iraq Blasts

Hugo Chavez: ‘Down With The U.S. Empire’

Rice Rules Out Aid To Hamas Government

Hamas Hints Long-Term Truce, Demanding Israel Change Flag

Abbas Seizes Security Control

ABC News Anchor Is Badly Injured By Bomb In Iraq (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Saddam Storms Out Of Own Trial After Judge Clamps Down


Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein

Army Stop Loss Orders Effect 50,000 Soldiers

Frist: Gov’t Unwanted In End-Of-Life Cases (And Frist Unwanted As Senate Majority Leader)

President George W. Bush Says Bill Clinton Has Become So Close To His Father That The Democratic Former President Is Like A Member Of The Family

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Mark Steyn: At Least Hamas Is Open About Its Evil Intentions

Mark Steyn: Democracy Fells Yet Another Anti-American Government In Canada

John Fund: The Republican Soul. Tom Delay’s Predecessor Talks About How To Reclaim It

Robert Novak: Pork Endangered

Ralph Peters: The Counterrevolution In Military Affairs. Fashionable Thinking About Defense Ignores The Great Threats Of Our Time

Sarah Baxter: ‘Stop Hillary’ Bandwagon Gathers Pace


Wikipedia Allows Anyone To Edit Entries, And Congressional Staffers Do Just That To Bosses’ Bios

Pic Of Woman Who Had A Face Transplant

Japan: Claim — Fortune Teller ‘Used Hypnosis’ To Attract His Harem

Humor: A Special Message from Sen. Edward Kennedy

Website Of The Day: Don Surber

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