Daily News For January 31, 2006


Senate To Vote On Alito Today (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Democratic Filibuster Attempt Fails 72-25. Alito Set For Confirmation Tomorrow

Chafee Says He Will Vote Against Alito

Rasmussen Polling: Bush Hits 50% Approval

Wall Street Journal / NBC Poll: Bush Approval 39% (.PDF File)

Dean Under Fire From Party Dems; Nearly All Cash Spent

Senator Brownback: Quoting Biblical Passage From Matthew 7:19 Not Part Of Gay Joke

Radiation Detected After Explosion Prompts Evacuations


Security Council To Review Iran Nuke Case

Zawahiri, In New Videotape, Brags That He Is Not Dead Yet

Hamas Wants Foreign Aid, US Says No

Rice Says Allies Oppose Aid To Hamas Gov’t

New Video Shows Kidnapped Reporter Weeping

CNN’s Top War Correspondent Christiane Amanpour Now Says The Iraq War Has Been A Disaster And Has Created A “Black Hole (More Liberal Bias)

The Controversial Danish Muhammed Cartoons

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Debra Burlingame: Our Right To Security

Tom Bevan: The Left’s Latest Conspiracy

Dean Barnett: What Andrew Bostom’s “The Legacy Of Jihad” Tells Us About The History Of Islam

Michael Fumento: Seipp’s Snipe. Bad Business

Brendan Miniter: Will The State Of The Union Influence The House Leadership Race?


Politicized Science

Bush-Bashing Takes Center Stage In NY Theaters

Kos & The Democratic Party

Website Of The Day: Laffey For US Senate (Contribute To Lincoln Chafee’s Primary Opponent

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