Daily News For July 10, 2006


FBI: Thwarted Plot Involved Suicide Bombers Who Would Attack Train Tunnels Used By Tens Of Thousands Of Commuters In An Effort To Bring Death And Flooding To Lower Manhattan

Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Bush Border Plan For Guard Hits Snag

Dallas Hospital Plans To Bill Mexico

Claim: Tom DeLay Is Planning An Aggressive Campaign To Retake The House Seat He Quit In June If An Appeals Court Lets Stand A Ruling By A Federal Judge Last Week That His Name Must Stay On November’s Ballot


Scores Of Sunnis Killed in Baghdad By Shiite Terrorists (Free WAPO Reg Req)

India: A Politician And Four Civilians Have Died And At Least 45 Others Were Injured By Terrorists

Mexican Al Gore Contends The Vote Was Rigged

Atomic Secrets: The Man Who Knew Too Much

Secret War Vs. Evil Kim Jung-Il

Poll: 77% Of Palestinians Back The Kidnapping Of Corporal Gilad Shalid And 60 Percent Back Rocket Attacks On Israel

Israeli Copters Strike On Jihad Weapons’ Store In Gaza

5 Soldiers Charged In Iraq Rape-Slaying Case

The Hamas Boss Who Is Stoking Resistance In Gaza…From The Safety Of Syria

Joking Muslim Cleric Mocks Victims Of London Blasts


Mark Steyn: Here’s A War Protest That’s Hard To Stomach

George Will: An Analysis of Roveology

Bill Bennett: The Greatest Revolution

Michael Medved: Today’s Anti-American Leftists Betray Their Own Radical Heritage


GOP Husband, Democratic Wife Vie For Seat

Block-Busted. Today’s Hit Flicks Coming Up $hort

Adam Carolla Hangs Up On Coulter

20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Sleep

Ethan Hawke Feels American Men Should Re-Think The Concept Of Masculinity (Snicker)

Semper Lie: Fake Veteran Must Wear Sandwich Board

Nigeria: Mob Stones 20-Yr-Old Girl To Death For Putting Out Anti-Islamic Leaflet

Website Of The Day: Mary Katharine Ham Blog

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