Daily News For July 11, 2006


Chechen Warlord Behind Terror Attacks Killed In Russia

Japan Said Monday It Was Considering Whether A Pre-Emptive Strike On North Korea’s Missile Bases Would Violate Its Constitution

White House Blasts Clinton N.Korea Policy

Israeli Arab Legislator Encourage The Palestinians To Kidnap Israeli Soldiers

Al-Qaeda Video Reportedly Shows Bodies Of U.S. Soldiers

Mexico: Leftist Cries Fraud With Election Videos


NYC: Building Blast Possibly Triggered By Suicidal Doctor

Mass. Court Backs Gay Marriage on Ballot

At Least 30 States Have Passed Laws Or Taken Other Steps This Year To Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants

Colorado: Lawmakers Approved Measures To Direct The Attorney General To Sue The Federal Government To Require Enforcement Of Immigration Laws

Bush Will Supposedly Veto Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Judge: FBI Raid On William Jefferson’s Office Legal

Officer Hurt During Clashes With Counter-Protestors At Anti-Immigration Rally


Jim Geraghty: What Would A Lamont Victory Over Lieberman Mean?

Marc Danziger: Democrats Would Be Weaker Without Lieberman

Mickey Kaus: This Land Is Their Land

Robert Rector: Senate Immigration Bill Is Bait-And-Switch


Syndicator Denies Coulter Lifted Material

Conspiracy Kook Cleared To Teach At The University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Microwave Oven Sized Ice Ball Falls From The Sky

Website Of The Day: UNCoRRELATED

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