Daily News For July 12, 2006


Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers

PM Olmert Declares Hizbullah Attack ‘Act Of War’ By Lebanon. “Israel’s Response Will Be Restrained But Very, Very, Very Painful.” (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Israel: Nine Killed In Air Strike On Gaza

Terrorist Bombs Kill 190 In India


Collapse At Big Dig Tunnel That Killed Woman Prompts Renewed Scrutiny Of Costly Highway Project

Bush: Detainees to Get ‘Geneva’ Rights

Terrorists Held In US Military Custody Around The World Will Receive Some Protection Under The Geneva Convention (Ridiculous)

Republican Rep. Peter Hoekstra Says US Readying Crackdown On Leak

Senate OKs Plans To Allow Prescription Drug Imports From Canada

Investment Firm Says Soros Group Rigged GM Building Bid

Bush Job Approval Edges Up To 40%

Suicidal Explosion: Is This The World’s Bitterest Husband And Most Devastating Divorce Case?

The Doctor Suspected Of Blowing Up His Manhattan Townhouse Sent A Long, Politically-Charged E-Mail To Fox News, Sen. Arlen Specter


Robert Novak: My Role in the Valerie Plame Leak Story

Noel Sheppard: Is The Bloom Off The Kos?

Dennis Prager: How Liberals Injure Blacks

Julie Myers: If You Hire Illegal Immigrants, Expect Criminal Charges, Seizure Of Assets (If They Were Aggressively Enforcing The Law, This Would Be Great)


Syd Barrett, The Co-Founding Member Of Pink Floyd, Has Died

Blog Blunder Fells Deb Frisch

Blogging Tips

Blogger’s Quest Ends With Keys To House. Montreal Man Vowed To Barter One Red Paper Clip Up To A New Home

Website Of The Day: Winds Of Change

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