Daily News For July 13, 2006


Hamas Leader Badly Hurt in Israeli Bombing (Applause)

Bomb Destroys Palestinian Foreign Ministry

Wave of Violence in Baghdad Puts 3-Day Death Toll Past 100 (Free New York Time Reg Req)

Death Toll In Bombay Attacks Rises To 200

U.S. Planning Aid Push If Castro Goes

Nations Sending Iran To Security Council

Gorbachev: ‘Americans Have a Severe Disease’ (Whining From The Commie Who Led The Soviet Union To Defeat In The Cold War)

Putin Rips Cheney’s Verbal ‘Hunting Shot’

North Korea Sets Conditions For Return To Talks

Russia Launches Inflatable Space Craft


Administration Prods Congress to Curb the Rights of Detainees (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Novak-Rove Exchange Lasted 20 Seconds

Beyond the Poll Numbers, Voter Doubts About Clinton (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Ann Coulter: New York Times: Better Dead Than Read

Michelle Malkin: ‘La Raza’ Schools — Your Tax Dollars At Work

James Lileks: Embracing A Sept. 10 Mentality

Herman Cain: One Culture, Indivisible


Podcast: Glenn And Helen Reynolds Interview John McCain

Will Barry Bonds Be Indicted For Perjury?

News From The Summer Seminar — The “Atlas Shrugged” Film

Cold Rush To Drill Angers Scientists

Paralyzed Man Moves Computer Cursor Through Thought

Airwaves Again Safe for “South Park” Scientology Spoof

Video: The Snakes On A Plane Theme Song (Some Bad Language)

Humor: The Continuing Madness Of Kim Jong Il

Website Of The Day: Eckernet

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