Daily News For July 17, 2006


U.S. Evacuation Teams Arrive In Lebanon

Hezbollah Rockets Kill 9 In Israeli City

Israel Steps Up Raids After Haifa Attack

Israel Has No Plans “At This Present Moment” To Attack Iran And Syria

Shimon Peres: “There Are Iranian Officers Belonging To The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Among Hezbollah And They Operated The Missile.” (I Doubt If Israel Will Just Let That Go)

Claim: Israeli Strikes Are Part Of A Broader Strategy. U.S., Israel Aim To Weaken Hezbollah, Region’s Militants

‘Hezbollah Land’ A Scene Of Apocalyptic Destruction

G8 Calls On Hizbollah To End Attacks

Terrorist Bomber Kills 26 At Cafe In Northern Iraq


Democrats Pull Fund Raising Ad With Flag-Draped Coffins

“Aztlan” Spurs Pride In Latinos, Fears Among Immigration Foes

Ohio Sweep Nets 154 Illegal Immigrants

Time’s Friendship With The Insurgents In Iraq

Jeb Bush Backs Terri Schiavo Nurse

Katherine Harris Takes Back $100,000 From Campaign To Renovate Home

Newt Gingrich Says It’s World War III


Youssef M. Ibrahim: To My Arab Brothers — The War With Israel Is Over — And They Won. Now Let’s Finally Move Forward

Mark Steyn: ‘Great Men’ Have Grating Effect On Mideast

Wes Pruden: Looking For Trouble, The Thugs Find It

Twenty Facts About Israel And The Middle East (Old, But Good)

Steven Malanga: How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy


Michael Jackson Ordered To Pay Millions

Radical Hispanic Group Boycotts Disney ‘White Supremacists’

Website Of The Day: Politics Central

Website Of The Day: Crisis In The Middle East: Local Bloggers Report

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