Daily News For July 18, 2006


Olmert: “We Will Search Every Compound, Target Every Terrorist Who Assists In Attacking The Citizens Of Israel, And Destroy Every Terrorist Infrastructure, Everywhere.”

Olmert Vows No Mercy for Terrorists

Bush Caught On Mike: “What They Need To Do (Is) To Get Syria To Get Hezbollah To Stop Doing This Sh*t.”

Video Of Bush’s Private Conversation With Tony Blair

Overnight Attacks Hit Israel, Lebanon. Blasts Shake South Beirut; Hezbollah Rockets Wound 5 In Israel

One Iranian Long Range Missile Destroyed

Israel Capable Of Air Strike On Iran

Palestinian Caught With Bomb In Jerusalem (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

In Berlin More Than 1,000 Lebanese, Palestinians Chant ‘Death To Israel

More Than A Million People Demand Election Recount In Mexico City


CAIR Wants Rev. Franklin Graham Barred From Entering Canada

Texas Hospitals Reflect the Debate on Illegal Immigration (Free New York Times Reg Req)

A New Alliance Of Democrats Spreads Funding. But Some In Party Bristle At Secrecy And Liberal Tilt (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Jed Babbin: Lessons Learned

Jack Kelly: Will Israel Drop The Hammer?

Rich Lowry: Transformers. Who Will It Be In The Mideast?

Turk: It’s Called Political Science For A Reason

Amanda Carpenter: Q&A With Congess — Democrats Don’t Regret Filibustering Missile Defense

Fred Barnes: The Gipper’s Record Is Being Distorted To Make President Bush Look Bad


Michael Kinsley Had Brain Surgery (Poor Guy. Hope His Recovery Is Going Well)

Soldier Fulfilling Promise To Deliver Afghani Rug To President

Playboy Playmate Is Suing BlogNYC For $100,000

Funny Video: Chad Vader — Day Shift Manager

Website Of The Day: Club For Growth

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