Daily News For July 19, 2005

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Iraqi Gunmen Ambush Bus, Killing 13 — Iraqi President Optimistic On New Constitution

June Report Led Britain To Lower Its Terror Alert (Free NYT Registration Req.)

500+ British Muslim Religious Leaders Issued A Fatwa In Response To London Bombs


Bush: CIA Leaker Would Be Fired If Crime Committed

A SCOTUS Nominee Should Be Announced This Week (Free NYT Registration Req.)

Rumsfeld Vows Speedy Action On Guantanamo Trials

This Year: RNC Raised 59.4 Mil W/ 34 Mil In The Bank V. DNC 28 Mil W/ 9 Mil In The Bank

Tancredo: If They Nuke Us, Bomb Mecca (Wacky)

Clinic Bomber Eric Rudolph Draws Life Sentences (Applause)

Bush Aims to Expand System of Merit Pay For Gov’t Worker (WAPO Registration Required)

Claim: The White House Is Saying Gonzales Will Not Be Nominated For SCOTUS


Mark Steyn: A Victory For Multiculti Over Common Sense

John Leo: Rooting For The Martians

Stuart Taylor Jr: Five Reasons Not To Put Gonzales On The Court

The Washington Times: Knifing Rove, Whitewashing Wilson-Plame

Dick Morris: Bush Shouldn’t Fire Karl Rove


Conservative Grapevine

Vietnam Commander Gen. William Westmoreland Dies

San Bernardino Is Incorporating Ebonics Into A New School Policy That Targets Black Students

Guilty: Warlord With ‘Human Dog’ Who Set Up Home In UK

2 Tramps Detained for Cannibalism in Russia’s Far East

Website Of The Day: World Defense Review

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