Daily News For July 20, 2005


Chechnya Terrorist Attack Leaves At Least 14 Dead, 20 Others Wounded

London Mayor Ken Livingstone: Hamas And The Likud Party As “Two Sides Of The Same Coin.” (Disgusting)

Egypt Clears 7/7 Suspect


Bush Picks Roberts For High Court-Sources

Conservative Grapevine: For The Latest On What Bloggers Are Saying About John Roberts

Text of Remarks By Bush, John G. Roberts

Supreme Court Nomination Quotes

How Bush Chose Roberts

American Values President Gary Bauer Commends Choice of Judge John G. Roberts

A Glance At Supreme Court Nominee John Glover Roberts Jr.

A Legal Times Profile Of Roberts From Back In Feb

Orrin Hatch On Charles Schumer: “I Do Know Dumb*ss Questions When I See Dumb*ss Questions”

Soldiers Are Re-Enlisting At Rates Well Ahead Of The Army’s Targets


James Pinkerton: We Could Use A Security Wall Like Israel’s

A National Review Q&A With Bernard Goldberg

Rick Santorum: Where Did The “Right To Privacy” Come From?

Jack Kemp: A GOP Move Toward Black Voters


Mob Fire-Bombs Malaysia’s ‘Teapot’ Cult HQ

Norway: Sex-Ed Urged For 5-Year-Olds

India: Victim Ordered To Wed Rapist

An Iraqi Refugee With Residence Permission In Norway Married His Own Mother

Website Of The Day: The Truth Laid Bear John Roberts Tracking Page

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