Daily News For July 21, 2005


Georgian Police Detained A Man Suspected Of Trying To Assassinate George Bush

A Top Al-Qaeda Briton Who Called Tube Bombers Before Attack Has Been Captured

North Korea Has Nuclear Bomb, Would-Be Defector Claims

Israel Parliament Rejects Gaza Pullout Delay

Gay Marriage Now Officially Legal Across Canada


Democratic Filibuster Of Roberts Unlikely

O’Connor: Bush’s Nominee Is ‘First Rate’

In The Aftermath Of The 2000 Election, Judge Roberts Played A Key Role In The Florida Recount

James Dobson: ‘Roberts Unquestionably Qualified’

Social Conservatives, Pleased With Pick, Say Bush Kept Promise (Free LA Times Registration Required)

Bush Pledges ‘Unprecedented’ Spending On Security In U.S

Unocal Backs $17 Billion Chevron Merger Bid Instead Of Higher Chinese Offer

The DOD Wants To Raise The Maximum Age For Military Recruits To 42 For All Branches Of The Service


James Lileks: Roll the Daisy-Picking Ads, and Goodbye Tom Tancredo

Norman Geras: There Are Apologists Amongst Us

Keith Thompson: Life After The Left

James Taranto: How The Liberal Media Helped Re-Elect George W. Bush

Jonah Goldberg: The Red Foam Of The River Thames

John Stossel: Robbing The Poor To Build A Rich Man’s Stadium — It’s Just Plain Wrong


9 Million Copies Of Harry Potter Sold In The 1st 24 Hours

The Rolling Stones Attack Bush On New Record

‘Star Trek’ Star James Doohan Dies

A Short Survey For Bloggers

Conservative Grapevine: You’ve Heard Of Drinking The Kool-Aid? CG Is Where It Gets Handed Out

Video Of Roberts Son Goofing Off While Bush Was Talking (Funny Stuff)

Website Of The Day: Outside The Beltway

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