Daily News For July 21, 2006


Israel Hints at a Full-Scale Invasion

Thousands Of IDF Troops Operating In S. Lebanon

Lebanese PM Tells Italian Daily That Hezbollah Must Be Disarmed

Lebanese Army May Join Forces With Hizbullah

56% Of Americans Say That Lebanon-Based Terrorist Group Hezbollah Is To Blame For The Conflict. Just 18% Place The Blame On The Government Of Lebanon And 12% Say Israel

U.S. Opposed to Cease-Fire With Hezbollah

Leading Saudi Sheik Pronounces Fatwa Against Hezbollah

The Spanish Prime Minister Accused Israel Of Using “Abusive Force” During An Event At Which He Also Wore A Palestinian Scarf.

Exiled Preacher Of Hate Omar Bakri Has Begged The British To Rescue Him From War-Torn Beirut

Mexican Al Gore To Ignore Result. Lopez Obrador Set To Begin Campaign Of Civil Resistance


House Backs Shielding ‘Pledge’ From Courts

Maverick Medic Reveals Details Of Baby Cloning Experiment

If You Haven’t Already Done So, Vote In The 2008 Republican Straw Poll

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum Says The United States Is Engaged In A New World War Against Islamic Fascism. He Says Many Americans Won’t Say So For Fear Of Offending Muslims


Michael Young: Dispatch From Beirut

Jerome Corsi’s Weak, Babbling Response To My Column That Destroyed The North American Union Conspiracy Theory

Burt Prelutsky: It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Conspiracy!

Cal Thomas: ‘World Trade Center’ Is A World Class Movie

George Bush: Great And Noble Goals — Veto Pen Vs. A Moral Crossroad


Indian Blog Blockade Will Be Lifted In 48 Hours

Glenn Greenwald Appears To Be Using A Sock Puppet Identity To Defend Himself In The Comment Sections Of Other Blogs

Dancing Fools: Cynthia McKinney And Cindy Sheehan

Video: Michelle Malkin Skipping Rope, Bouncing On A Trampoline, And Playing Dance, Dance, Revolution

Video: An Officer Using A Taser On A Woman Who Refuses To Get Out Of A Car

Website Of The Day: Classical Values

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