Daily News For July 24, 2006


Israel Punches Into Lebanon As Civilians Flee

Iran: Israel Doomed To ‘Destruction’

Condoleezza Rice Will Arrive In Jerusalem Today

Israel Said It Would Accept A NATO-Led International Force To Keep The Peace Along The Border

Day 12 Of Fighting: Some 1,300 Israelis Hurt. 875 Of Them Treated For Shock

Arabs Press Syria to Help End Violence

In Iran’s Streets, Aid to Hezbollah Stirs Resentment (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Hunger-Striking Saddam Hospitalized On Day 17 Of His Fast

Marines In Haditha “Triad” Continue Work With Iraqi Soldiers, Quell Insurgency


Employers Held On Charges Of Harboring Illegal Aliens

Judge Who Told Illegal Immigrant To Leave Court Is Dismissed

ACLU Teams Up With Fred Phelps To Fight For The Right To Picket at Troops’ Burials

C.I.A. Worker Says Message on Torture Got Her Fired (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Midshipman Lamar S. Owens Jr. Found Not Guilty Of Rape, But Found Guilty of Two Non-Rape Charges (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Dems May Put Caucus Between Iowa, N.H.

Final Republican And Democratic Fund Raising Numbers For The 2nd Quarter

July/August 2006 Dkos Straw Poll Results

Marist Poll: New Yorkers Prefer Giuliani (52%) Over Clinton (43%) In 2008 (Rudi Should Have Run For Senate)

Is Mark Warner Getting A Pass For His Support Of Lieberman At The Daily Kos?


Benjamin Netanyahu: No Cease-Fire — Remove Hezbollah’s Missiles–Or Destroy Them

Mark Steyn: Failure To Solve Palestinian Question Empowers Iran

Michael Goodwin: Hezbollah Starts A Fight, So It’s Time To Teach Terror A Lesson

Michael Barone: A Refreshing Approach to Mideast Crisis


Keith Olbermann Wears An O’Reilly Mask While Raising His Right Arm In A Nazi Salute To Mock His On-Air Rival

American Floyd Landis Has Won The Tour De France Here Following The 20th And Final Stage To Succeed Compatriot Lance Armstrong

Mega-Rich Pop Superstar George Michael This Week Sank To New Levels Of Depravity—trawling For Illegal Gay Sex Thrills In A London Park

Humor: Top Ten Signs There’s Trouble At The New York Times

Website Of The Day: RightFaith

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