Daily News For July 25, 2005


Iraq: Terrorist Bomber Kills 20 at Baghdad Police Station

Palestinian Terrorists Murder Two Israeli Grandparents. Islamic Jihad And The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade Claim Responsibility

Third Man Arrested In Failed London Attack

Poll In Britain: 1 In 4 Muslims Sympathises With Motives Of Terrorists


Conservative Grapevine: My Other Blog

White House Won’t Show All Roberts Papers

Claim: Hillary Clinton To Support John Roberts

Largest Union To Ditch AFL-CIO; 3 Others Poised To Follow

For Souter, Seizure Ruling May Hit Home (Free WAPO Reg Req)

North Carolina: Popular Teacher Killed By Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrant

Since 1992, Houston Police Officers Have Been Officially Forbidden From Enforcing Immigration Law


Mark Steyn: Mugged By By Reality?

Mark Steyn: Dems Had Their Chance To Pick Justice

Fred Barnes: Souter-Phobia

John Fund: It’s Time For Term Limits For Supreme Court Justices (Not Sure I Agree, But Interesting Idea)

John Leo: Playing With The Numbers


Vote For Your Fave GOP Nominee In The 2008 Online Straw Poll

Maggot Treatment Saves Woman’s Foot

Vandals Torch 20 U.S. Flags, Car. Neighbors Rally Around Family That Just Buried Son-In-Law Soldier

Love Struck Kenyan Offers 20 Head Of Cattle And 40 Goats To Bill Clinton For Chelsea’s Hand In Marriage

Hungry Kenyan’s Kill And Eat Their Son

More Pics Of Sam The World’s Ugliest Dog

Website Of The Day: Hit And Run

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