Daily News For July 25, 2006


The Israel Defense Forces Chief Of Military Intelligence, Amos Yadlin, Said Sunday That Close To 2,200 Hezbollah Rockets Have Been Destroyed By The IDF During Its Offensive On Lebanon Over The Last Two Weeks.

Gaza Groups Ready To Deal On Cease-Fire, Release Of Shalit (This Isn’t Much Of A Deal For Israel)

Hezbollah Banks Under Attack In Lebanon. Israel Seeks To Destroy Group’s Financial Infrastructure

U.N. Chief Accuses Hezbollah Of ‘Cowardly Blending’ Among Refugees

Hezbollah Rejects Ceasefire Plan Put Forward By United States

PM Olmert: Syria Cannot Be A Partner To Diplomatic Efforts

Nations Reluctant To Commit Troops To Lebanon (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Saddam Trial Resumes For Closing Arguments

Somali Islamist Leaders: ‘God Told Us To Fight Ethiopia’

Venezuela To Buy A Billion Dollars Worth Of Weapons From Russia


President Bush On Monday Signed A Bill That Would Bar Condominium And Homeowner Associations From Restricting How The American Flag Can Be Displayed

Specter Prepping Bill To Sue Bush

John Cornyn And John Kyl Request For Supplemental Funding To Secure The U.S. Border

Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams: “Right Now, I Would Love To Kill George Bush.” Her Young Audience At The Brisbane City Hall Clapped And Cheered.

Watch Your Back When Fox News Wishes Well (Some Of These Are Really Funny)


According To A WSJ/Zogby Poll: Wisconsin And Michigan Are In Play For The GOP

WSJ/Zogby poll: George Allen Up By 10 And Rick Santorum Is Down By 9

George Allen Tops In GOP ‘Insider’ Poll For 2008

Bill Clinton Campaigning For Lieberman

Patrick Hynes Of Ankle Biting Pundits Is Hired By John McCain


Dean Barnett: Kos, Hezbollah, and Israel

Heather Mac Donald: Myth Debunked. A Latin Conservative Tidal Wave Is Not Coming

Dennis Prager: Israel’s War Separates Decent Left From Indecent Left

Thomas Sowell: Then And Now


At The Heritage Foundation This Week It Was Announced That Ed Morrissey Of Captain’s Quarters Will Begin Blogging Regularly On The Heritage Policy Blog

Pics From An Anti-Israel Protest In London On July 22, 2006

‘South Park’s’ Trey, Matt Spill On Mohammad, George Clooney

Democrat Robert Wexler Falls Into Steven Colbert’s Trap — And He’s Not Laughing

Humor: Top Ten Ways In Which Keith Olbermann Alleges Bill O’Reilly Is Just Like Hitler

Website Of The Day: Solomonia

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