Daily News For July 27, 2006


IAF destroys Hizbullah’s south Lebanon headquarters (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Offensive Could Last Weeks – Israeli General

Rome Talks Fail To Yield Lebanon Ceasefire

Hezbollah Fighters Kill 9 Israeli Soldiers

IDF kills 23 Palestinians in Gaza

Claim: Iran ‘Not Hiding Hezbollah Boss’

Olmert: Hizbullah To Learn The Hard Way

Mexican Al Gore Says He Is President, Vows Protests


Yates Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

Howard Dean: Dean Calls Iraqi PM An ‘Anti-Semite

Chicago City Council OKs ‘Living Wage’

Washington: State Supreme Court Today Decided 5-4 That Washington’s Law Limiting Marriage To One Man And One Woman Does Not Violate The State Constitution

Muslims Fret Over FBI’s Hizbullah Probe (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)


‘Straight Talk’ About Blog Disclosures

What Would Happen If Harris Won Primary, Then Quit?

Howard Dean Compares Katherine Harris To Stalin

Ken Blackwell: Homosexuality Is A “Transgression Against God’s Law” That Can Be Cured


Alan M. Dershowitz: Hizbullah’s Real Goal Is Racist: To Free The Middle East Holy Lands Of Jews

Rush Limbaugh: Unseemly Democrat Reaction To Maliki Serves To Illustrate Who They Really Are

Thomas Sowell: More Amnesty Fraud

Ann Coulter: More Of John Kerry’s Retroactive Campaign Promises

Robert Novak: Losing An Issue


Pakistan: Man Freed After Murder Victim Found Alive

Man Tries To Rob Gun Shop With Machete. It Doesn’t Go Well.

Club-Wielding Chimp Sought In California

Website Of The Day: Protest Warrior

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