Daily News For July 29, 2005


UK ‘Blocked Bomb Plotter’ Arrest

Claim: North Korea May Have No Nuclear Bombs At All

The IRA Has Formally Ordered An End To Its Armed Campaign And Says It Will Pursue Exclusively Peaceful Means

Syria, Iraq Link May Have Fueled Insurgency

Muslim Nations Throttle U.N. Terror Resolution — Criticism Of Suicide Bombers Censored By Global Body’s Islamic Member States

Netherlands: Van Gogh’s Son Assaulted

Iraqi Boy, After Dream Trip To U.S., Hates To Go Home (Free NYT Reg Req — Sad)


Text Of A U.S. Muslim Religious Council Fatwa Against Terrorism (Applause)

Liability Shield For Gunmakers Near Passage (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Helen Thomas: If Cheney Runs, I’ll Kill Myself

Former Miami Commissioner Commits Suicide In The Lobby Of The Miami Herald

Rick Santorum: Maybe He Will Run In 2008 After All

Air America’s Ratings So Low In Philly They Can’t Be Measured By Arbitron


Michael Graham: The Tragedy Of Islam

Pat Hynes: Good Economy, Bad Polls, What Gives?

Mark Steyn (Spectator Reg Req)

Victor Davis Hanson: The Past As Politics

Youssef M. Ibrahim: The Muslim Mind Is On Fire


Electrician’s Head Severed In Apartment Lift

Claim: Coca-Cola Is Planning To Launch A Soda That Will Burn 50 To 100 Calories Per 12-Oz. Serving

Young Pianist Sues Over ‘Humiliation’ (Ridiculous)

Website Of The Day: Rantings Of A Sandmonkey

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