Daily News For July 5, 2006


North Korea Fired Taepodong Missile Which Failed

Israeli Aircraft Attack Hamas Camp In Gaza Strip

Olmert Issues Veiled Threat Against Syria

Terrorists Cave In On Israeli Hostage Ultimatum

Israel Warns Of “Long War” Over Soldier

Leftist Demands Full Recount in Mexico

Iraq Considers Arming Insurgents (Very Dumb Idea)


House Gop Leaders Say Vote On Minimum Wage Now Likely (Vote It Down You Wimps)

Bush Signaling Shift in Stance on Immigration (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Rumsfeld Subpoenaed By Congressional Committee Over Abu Ghraib

Lieberman Fights For His Political Life

Hillary Clinton Draws Line on Backing Lieberman


John Stossel: A Convenient Lie

Robert Samuelson: Global Warming’s Real Inconvenient Truth

Peter Brookes: A World Without America

A Chat With Ann Coulter

Jeff Jacoby: About Our ‘Dictator’


Anti-War Protesters Begin July 4 Fast

Left’s Bloggers Try To Play Kingmaker In Lower Races

Brain Rewired Itself In Coma Miracle. New Study Of Man Who Spent 19 Years In ‘Vegetative State’

Website Of The Day: Townhall

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