Daily News For July 6, 2006


US Interceptors Were Ready For North Korean Missile

S.Korea Media: More N. Korea Rockets Ready

Hamas Rocket Attack ‘Act Of War’. Missile Hits Strategic Town, Israelis Vow Major Response

Mexico Conservative Leads in Mexico Vote Recount

2 Somalis Killed for Watching World Cup

BBC Apologizes After Host Tells Listeners He Wanted George Bush “To Rot In Hell”.


Limbaugh Won’t Be Charged Over Viagra Found In His Possession

Enron Founder, Former Chairman Kenneth Lay Dead Of A Heart Attack

Atlantic City Casinos Shut Down Over State Budget Dispute


Douglas Kern: When Superman Shrugs

Ann Coulter: Top Secret Interview Exposed!

Michelle Malkin: The Newspaper of Wreckage

Victor Davis Hanson: The Israel Enigma

Deborah Orin: Hillary Suddenly Has ’08 Jitters


Canada: Police Seek ‘Despicable’ Men Who Urinated On War Monument

Ned Lamont For Senate And…What Are You Doing To That Little Girl Ned? (I Doubt If He Was Trying To Be Inappropriate, But It Still Looks A Little Freaky)

Man Shows Crowds Fallen Piece Of His Skull

A Veteran City Cop Is Convinced The Voice Of Murdered Prostitute Rachel Quinney Was Picked Up On An Audio Recording As She Spoke From Beyond The Grave (Oh Geeze)

Humor: What Talks With Iran Are Really Like

Video: No More Kings (I Remember That From When I Was A Kid)

Website Of The Day: Townhall Blog

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