Daily News For July 7, 2006


Claim: N. Korea Missile Aimed At Area Off Hawaii

Japan Wants Missile Defense ‘As Soon As Possible’: Defense Chief

Calderon Wins Mexican Presidency By Razor-Thin Margin

U.S. Calls Iraqi Rape-Murder ‘Inexcusable’


Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) And Jim Demint (R-S.C.) Are Blocking The Immigration Bill From Being Sent To Conference

Ga. Top Court Reinstates Gay Marriage Ban

NY Court Rules Against Gay Marriage

Judge’s Ruling Keeps Tom DeLay On Ballot

Poll Shows Re-Election Chances Strong For Schwarzenegger

Bush Says He Hopes Enron’s Lay Was ‘Right With The Lord’

Joe Biden: “In Delaware, The Largest Growth In The Population Is Indian-Americans… Moving From India. You Cannot Go To A 7-11 Or A Dunkin’ Donuts, Unless You Have A Slight Indian Accent. No, I’m Not Joking.”


The Examiner: Where Are ‘Star Wars’ Critics Now?

Betsy Newmark: Fed Up With The Founders?

Ronald Kessler: McCain’s Out-Of-Control Anger — Does He Have The Temperament To Be President?

Charles Krauthammer: Emergency Over, Saith the Court (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Investor’s Business Daily: The Rotten Fruit Of Appeasement

Hugh Hewitt Has His Wednesday Chat With Mark Steyn


Former Taliban Ambassador Denied Yale Admission

Death For Apostasy Advocated In Lansing, Michigan

A Car That Can Drive Itself At 150MPH

Subway Rider Sliced in Power Saw Attack

Website Of The Day: Sixers

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