Daily News For June 1, 2006


Immigration Agency Head Slams Senate’s Alien Bill

A Researcher Estimates There Are About 240,000 Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders In The United States Who Have Had An Average Of Four Victims Each

U.S. Asks Internet Firms To Save Data

Reid Says He Won’t Accept Any More Free Tickets

GI’S Big Fat Suit Vs. Michael Moore — Seeks $85m For ‘Lying’ 9/11 Clip

The First Detailed Analysis Of The Seabed Near The North Pole Shows That 55 Million Years Ago The Arctic Ocean Was Much Warmer Than Scientists Imagined — A Floridian Year-Round Average Of 74 Degrees.


U.S. Reportedly Ready To Join Iran Talks

Iran Media Calls Talks Offer ‘Propaganda’


Rich Lowry: The Senate Immigration Bill Is Dishonest, Unworkable, And Radical

Ann Coulter: Se Puede Get Two Years Tax-Free!

Robert Samuelson: What You Don’t Know About the Immigration Bill

Ed Koch: Unrestricted Borders? Think Again

James Edwards: Senate Immigration Bill Is Skunk In A Bow

John LeBoutillier: More Truth About Hillary

David Limbaugh: Conservatives Must Hold Firm On Immigration

Linda Chavez: Republican Hypocrisy


Dixie Chicks New Album, Taking The Long Way, Debuts At #1 On Billboard Top 200

Report Exonorates Lance Armstrong of Doping

Mob Rule On China’s Internet: The Keyboard As Weapon

Humor: Ten Things You Can Do To Save The Planet

Website Of The Day: Send-A-Brick — Secure Our Borders!

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