Daily News For June 26, 2006


Al-Aksa Claims Biological, Chemical Capabilities (Free Jerusalem Post Registration Required)

U.S. General in Iraq Outlines Troop Cuts (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Saddam Thinks U.S. Will Beg For His Help

Video Shows Russian Hostages Killed

2 Israelis Die After Terrorists Crawl Through Tunnel To An Attack Israeli Post


Murtha Says U.S. Poses Top Threat To World Peace

Peter King Calls For Probe Of The New York Times And Says: “We’re At War, And For The Times To Release Information About Secret Operations And Methods Is Treasonous.”

Court Ruling Could Halt Guantanamo Trials

Rasmussen Polling: Bush Approval At 42%

U.S. Population to Hit 300 Million This Fall

Newsweek: The Daily Kos Thinks The Politics Of Iraq Will Help Him Shape The Democratic Party


Harold Hutchison: Why Iraq WMD Finds Were Kept Secret

Mark Steyn: U.S. Can’t ‘Redeploy’ Its Way Out Of Iraq

Lee Siegel: The Origins Of Blogofascism (Another Shot Fired In The New Republic/Kos War)

Mar K: Calling all Pro-McCain Republicans

John Leo: Officeholders Favoring Diversity Ignore Laws They Don’t Like

Steven M. Warshawsky: Why Americans Don’t Like Soccer


The Townhall / Salem Merger Merges Talk Radio And Blogging

CAIR Complaining to FBI About Little Green Footballs?

Clowns Sabotage Nuke Missile

Irish Moonbat “Arrests” US Soldiers

Vote For The Hottest Intern On Capitol Hill

Gillard Gate

Jerome Armstrong: “Oh Yea, On The Astrological Stuff. I Have Done The New Age Type Things Over The Years—life’s Never Boring That Way. Down That Line, I Dabbled With Planets And Predictions In The Most Abstract Manner, As One Of Several Different Predictive Mathematical Disciplines, When Coming Out Of Finances And Into Politics During My Early Blogging Days…I Hope To See Those Wingnuts That Are Obsessed With Every Little Thing I Do At The Next Bikram Yoga Or Vipassana Meditation Session In DC.”

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather At LA Conference

Gator Stands Upright, Knocks At Door

Photoshop: The New York Times — Letting The Enemy Know What Uncle Sam Is Up To

Video: Matt Dancing

Video: Kid Caught Singing Gnarls Barkley (Hilarious)

Website Of The Day: Beltway Blogroll

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