Daily News For June 27, 2006


Bush Slams Leak Of Terror Finance Story

Cheney: New York Times Harms U.S. Security

Scrawled Bush Threat Sparks California Port Scare

Flag Burning Amendment One Vote Shy

The University Of Colorado Announced Monday That It Will Dismiss Controversial Professor Ward Churchill (About Time)

Dick Morris: Joe Lieberman Will Lose Primary

Limbaugh Detained At Palm Beach Airport

Black Candidates Paint New Picture For GOP Politics


New Evidence Emerges in Haditha Case

Israel Says Clock Ticking For Hamas Over Soldier

Palestinians: Chemical Warfare If Israel Invades Gaza. But Terrorist Sources Admit Current Toxic Arsenal ‘Primitive’

Bombs in 2 Iraq Cities Kill at Least 35


John Snow: Dear Mr. Keller

Jeff Taylor: A Low Tech Lynching At Duke

National Review: Stop the Leaks

Gary Marx: 5 Do’s And Don’ts For Conservatives Between Now And ’08

Insurgents Are Asking Iraq for Negotiations (Free New Yorl Times Reg Req)

Michael Barone: The New York Times At War With America


Osama Bin Laden’s Former Sex Slave Writing For ‘Days of Our Lives?’

Transvestite Gang Causes Problems In New Orleans

Rowling: Two ‘Potter’ Characters Will Die

Blogger Acidman, From Gut Rumbles, Found Dead

Website Of The Day: The Mona Log

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