Daily News For June 28, 2006


Israeli Troops Enter Gaza; Bridges Hit (Give ‘Em Hell Israel)

Olmert: Military Strike Will Continue

New Hamas-Fatah plan recognizes Israel

Iraqi Says Attacks on U.S. Won’t Be Pardoned (Free New York Times Reg Req)


House Republican Leaders Are Expected To Introduce A Resolution Today Condemning The New York Times For Publishing A Story Last Week That Exposed Government Monitoring Of Banking Records

Senate Blocks Flag-Burn ban

“Hadji Girl” Marine: Exonerated (Hooray!)

Duke Defense Lawyers: Dancer Claimed She Wasn’t Raped

Rush Limbaugh Jokes About Viagra Find

AP Incorrectly Claims Scientists Praise Gore’s Movie

News Agency Apologizes to Ariz. Candidate, Goldwater, For Inaccurate Report


David Holman: The Huffington Post’s Swift Antics

An Interview With Ann Coulter

John Stossel: When Sexism Claims Are A Real Hoot

The Washington Post: It’s Time To Allow More Offshore Drilling (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Bush Jogs With Wounded Soldier

A Well-Known Political Blogger, Peter Daou, Is Hired by the Clinton Campaign

Rare Giant Beetle Scares Workers But Survives

Humor: U.S. Threatens North Korea With Ann Coulter Launch

Website Of The Day: Tim Chapman

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