Daily News For June 30, 2006


Supreme Court Blocks Trials at Guantanamo (Free New York Times Reg Req)

An Amendment On “Internet Neutrality” Was Rejected By A Senate Committee Studying Telecommunications Reform

The Bush Administration Has Been Unable To Muster Even Half Of The 2,500 National Guardsmen It Planned To Have On The Mexican Border By The End Of June

House GOP Chastises Media (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Comeback Talk Creates Lott Buzz (Trent Lott Back In A Leadership Position? A Really Dumb Idea)

Katrina Looters Get 15 Years In Prison (Applause)

The Government Has Recovered The Stolen Laptop Computer And Hard Drive With Sensitive Data On Up To 26.5 Million Veterans And Military Personnel. The FBI Said Thursday There Is No Evidence That Anyone Accessed Social Security Numbers And Other Data On The Equipment


Israel Pounds Gaza; Militants Blow Open Border Fence

Israeli Aircraft Hit Palestinian Ministry

Mexican Voters Will Head To The Polls On Sunday, With The Bitterly Contested Race To Replace President Vicente Fox In A Dead Heat

Kuwait Women Cast First Parliament Votes


Enchiridion Militis: John Birchers & The Democratic Netroots

Greg Gutfeld: Nuts About The Huffington Post

Robert Novak: Murtha’s Anti-War Role Could Imperil Him at Home

Victor Davis Hanson: Winning The Iraq Wars


A Single Volcano Produces More Acid Rain Causing Sulphur Dioxide Than All Power Plants, Factories And Cars In The United States

Study: Money Does Not Buy Much Happiness

Michael Moore To Make Money Off Exploiting Slain Soldier

How Much Money Do Beggars Make

Sept. 11 Claim Stirs Uw Probe. Instructor Says U.S. Planned The Attacks To Provoke War

Video: Feitosa — Knock Outs

Humor: An Environmentalist’s Worst Nightmare…

Website Of The Day: The Jawa Report

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