Daily News For June 5, 2005


Canada Nabs 17 Terror Suspects in Toronto

Accused ‘Inspired By Al-Qaeda,’ Say Police

London: Terror Cell ‘Was Planning Nerve Gas Attack On Capital’

Terrorists Kill 21 Commuters Near Baghdad

Iran to Make Offer by Six Powers Public (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Palestinian Support ‘Crashes’ In Europe (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

England Afraid To Fly Its Own Flag. Following Threats By Extremist Islamic Group, Several Corporations, Chain Of Pubs Ban England Flag


Claim: John McCain’s Staff Threatens To Have Minutemen Visiting His Office Arrested

McKinney probe enters 3rd month

AP’s Economic Bias Against Bush

White House Fence Jumper Captured


Rocky Mountain News: State, U.S. Would Be Far Better Off Without Flood Of Illegal Immigrants

Mark Steyn: Events At Haditha Don’t Change Need For Victory

John Leo: Liberals Need New Narrative That Takes Terrorism Seriously

Fareed Zakaria: How Long Will America Lead the World?

Thomas Lipscomb: The Truth, John Kerry, And The New York Times


British Columbia: Homosexual Issues Will Soon Be A Mandatory Part Of School Curricula Taught In Classrooms Throughout The Province, Without The Ability Of Students Or Parents To Opt Out

Mom Hunts Net For Would-Be Terrorists. Sleuth Uses Elementary Arabic, Gall To Pose As Al-Qaeda Operative

Gossip About Al Franken

Psycho Complains To City About “Rogue Helicopter Pilot” (Some Bad Language)

Website Of The Day: Brian Bilbray For Congress

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