Daily News For June 7, 2006


Report: U.S. Offering Iran Nuke Technology. Major Concession Contingent On Tehran Stopping Its Program To Enrich Uranium

Iraqi Army Takes Over In Anbar

Police Find 9 Severed Heads In Iraq

Terror Suspect Accused Of Wanting To Behead Canadian Prime Minister

Barry Mccaffrey On Afghanistan

Sex Slaves Auctioned In British Airport Arrival Halls


More Migrants Apprehended Along Border. Explanations Differ For 4% Rise So Far This Year

Arizona Gov., Democrat Janet Napolitano, Vetoes Bid To Criminalize Illegals/b>

House Republicans Blocked A Vote Tuesday On Restoring Millions Of Dollars In Counterterror Funds To Big-City Targets, Refusing To Bust Budget Targets Over Slashed Grants To Emergency First Responders

Anti-Abortion Law Passes In Louisiana (Free NYT Reg Req)

McKinney Deal May Be In Works

Treat Me Like I’m Black, Sez Teddy’s Son


Human Events Interviews Ann Coulter

The Wall Street Journal: Fitzgerald, Scooter And Us. The Special Prosecutor Wants To Use Our Editorial As Evidence. Sorry

Ed Meese III And Todd Gaziano: The ‘Native Hawaiian’ Bill: An Unconstitutional Approach In Furtherance Of A Terrible Idea

Matt Lei: America’s Culture Of Giving

Mark Steyn: Even Turnips Wouldn’t Help Bush


Britain: Special Forces To Use Strap-On ‘Stealth Wings’

Help Catch A Murderer

DNC Recruiter Works The DC Strip Club Beat

Humor: Top 11 Things That Anti-War Protesters Would Have Said At the Normandy Invasion on D-Day (Had There Been Anti-War Protesters At Normandy)

Website Of The Day: Irish Pennants

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