Daily News For March 10, 2006


Dubai Firm Backs Out of U.S. Ports Deal

2 U.S. Firms On Short List To Operate Terminals

Senators Writing An Immigration Reform Bill Are Debating Whether An Actual Or “Virtual” Fence Should Be Built Along Parts Of The U.S.-Mexico Border

Texas: Illegal Alien Accused of Stabbing Couple with a Pitchfork

Murder Indictment Of FBI Agent Could Jeopardize Mob Convictions

Hollywood Movie Ticket Sales Around The World Dropped By 7.9 Percent Last Year

Saturn’s Moon Enceladus May Be Host to Ocean Life, Studies Say

John Roberts Breaks Silence In Simi (If You’re A Conservative With Doubts About Roberts, This Will Probably Cheer You Up A Bit)


British Official: UN ‘Has Less Than A Year’ To Stop Iran Going Nuclear

North Korea Testing Longer-Range Ballistic Missiles That Could Hit Alaska And Targets In The Continental United States

UN Staff Votes No Confidence In Annan Management

US Says To Close Abu Ghraib Prison & Hand It Over To The Iraqi Government

Claim: Madrid Bombings Show No Al-Qaida Ties

Lawyers For A Cleric Have Urged A Judge In Yemen To Condemn To Death A Local Editor Who Published The Danish Caricatures Of The Prophet Muhammad

Artists Try Not To Offend Muslims As Satire Festival Treads Softly


Mark Steyn On Drawing Lines In The Sand

Ben Johnson: Liberals Vs. Free Speech At Duke

David Limbaugh: In The War On Terrorism, Perfect Must Not Be The Enemy Of The Good

Donald Lambro: Caution Against GOP Panic

John Podhoretz: Saved By Revolt


Reuters Disses Vice President Cheney With “Retire” Goof

Britain: Hate-Filled Muslim Returns

Pakistan Arrests 1,000 Kite-Flyers Under Terror Laws

Humor: The Dennis the Peasant Blogging System™: The Introduction

Website Of The Day: Jihad Watch

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