Daily News For March 13, 2006


Democratic Senator Russ Feingold Calls For Bush’s Censure

Frist: Feingold Censure Talk ‘Dead Wrong’. Gives Aid And Comfort To America’s Enemies

30 Democrats In The House For Bush Impeachment Inquiry

Arrest of Ex-Bush Aide, Claude Allen, Shocks Associates (Free WAPO Reg)

Southern Leadership Conference Straw Poll Results

The Army National Guard Is Reeling In Soldiers In Record Numbers. It’s The Best Performance In 13 Years (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Plame’s Identity, If Truly A Secret, Was Very Thinly Veiled

Government Limits On The Sizes Of People’s Homes? (Since When Is This The Business Of The Government?)

Hecklers Harass Families Of US Soldiers Killed In Iraq


Ex-Yugoslav Leader Milosevic Dies In Cell

Bomb Kills 4 US Soldiers In Afghanistan

Terrorists Kill 44 With Car Bombs (Terrorism Now Equals “Sectarian Violence” So Media Can Try To Play Up The Idea That A Civil War Might Break Out At Any Minute)

Saddam’s “Top Military Leaders Were Stunned When He Told Them Three Months Before The War That He Had No Weapons Of Mass Destruction, And They Were Demoralized Because They Had Counted On Hidden Stocks Of Poison Gas Or Germ Weapons For The Nation’s Defense.” (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Iran Builds A Secret Underground Complex As Nuclear Tensions Rise

Ukraine’s Hardman Back To Wreck Orange Revolution

U.S. Businesses In U.A.E. To Invite `Oprah’ To Dubai


Mark Steyn: Media Shockingly Ignorant Of Muslims Among Us

T.R. Fehrenbach: The Guys Who Run, And The Cops Who Shoot Them

10 Questions For Matt Stone And Trey Parker

Cathy Seipp: Bookstore Censors

Jack Kelly: All Bad News, All The Time

RedState’s Position:
Katherine Harris, Please Drop Out (Agreed)

Michael Bowers: Where Are The Moderate Muslims? (Scary Stats)


Mystery Of Vanished “Buddha Boy” Grips Nepal

Ex-NFL Lineman Signs Up For The Marines

Cool Sidewalk Art Photos

Website Of The Day: Fancy Ford

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