Daily News For March 15, 2006


Reprisal Killings Leave At Least 85 Dead In Baghdad (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Palestinians Surrender After 10-Hour Siege

Abbas Group Threatens To Kill Israeli PM. Also Warns It May Murder Israeli President, 2 Kidnapped British Citizens

N.Korea Army Threatens Pre-Emptive Attack

Iran’s Supreme Leader: No Retreat on Nukes (Let’s Bomb)

Milosevic’s Son Says Father Was ‘Killed’


Pentagon Seeks Money To Test Weapons In Space (Applause)

N.Y. Times’ Iraq Detainee Story Challenged

Justice Souter’s House Safe From Gov’t Seizure

Bush Visits Autistic Teen Hoop Star


An Interview With Shelby Steele (Awesome)

Dick Morris: The Fight W’s Dodging (Good Advice)

John Stossel: Answering The Teachers Unions

The Wall Street Journal: The Impeachment Agenda. Russ Feingold Reveals What Many Democrats Really Want

La Shawn Barber: It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black Or White


The Possibility Of A Future Two-Tiered Internet Threatens Today’s Notion Of Free Travel On The Information Superhighway

X-Rated ‘Children’s’ Books Outrage Students’ Parents. Titles On Required-Reading Lists, Offerings In Libraries Include Bestiality, Sex Drawings

A Doctor Describes What Health Care Under Britain’s Socialized System Is Really Like (W/Graphic Pic)

Video: The Best Light Saber Fight Ever — Ryan Vs, Dorkman (No, Really It Is)

Website Of The Day: Irish Pennants

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